Better Serve and Monetize SMB Relationships

Offer your small businesses what they really need — digital invoicing, online payment acceptance, and financial management tools.

Autobooks directly integrates into your existing CSI online and mobile banking.

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The small business landscape has changed dramatically

(but most FIs haven't kept up).



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Businesses are shifting online (and they’ll need more than business checking to succeed).

Business is moving from in-person to online and small business owners are having to adjust.

Autobooks integrates directly into your CSI digital banking channels so that small business owners can:

  • Send digital invoices
  • Accept online payments
  • Manage their cash flow
  • And more
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Businesses need to accept online payments (and the ability to send invoices, too).

Whether it’s digital invoices or direct payments, businesses need a simple way to get paid online.

With Autobooks inside CSI, a business owner can set up payments to suit their specific needs:

  • Customize invoices with business branding
  • Adjust payment language for contributions/donations
  • Set one-time or recurring payments
  • And more
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Businesses are turning to non-bank providers (and their deposits are coming with them).

The competition for small business relationships has never been more fierce. Non-banks are effectively displacing SMB deposits by facilitating payment acceptance.

Autobooks with CSI re-engages businesses by letting them:

  • Receive payments faster
  • Deposit funds directly into their business account
  • Minimize exorbitant service fees

Upgrade small business banking with Autobooks — available

with your CSI digital platform.

Revenue Share

Grow small business deposits and generate non-interest fee income.

Credit and debit cards

Transform online banking into an e-commerce hub for SMB customers.

Refer Autobooks

Support your small businesses with the tools and service they deserve.

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"We deployed Autobook’s Invoicing and Account Management tool within our app in a matter of weeks. On day one of launch, literally within minutes (22 to be exact), we saw one of our business customers sign-up for Autobooks, send out an invoice, AND receive their first payment. This is indeed a game-changer!"

Melissa Eggleston
Chief Deposit Officer, EVP – nbkc

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