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Go-To-Market Resource

Press and Social Media Launch Kit

The templates found in the following sections were written to help your marketing/PR teams quickly deploy messaging that is focused on Autobooks. Feel free to use these templates in whole or in part — or simply as inspiration. If you decide to copy and paste, just be sure to replace all [bracketed] content with the appropriate information that speaks to your specific needs. 

Announce the Partnership

Press Release

This press release is meant to announce your partnership with Autobooks. It also reinforces an important differentiator, especially in comparison to competing third-party apps: that Autobooks is made available through your institution’s existing digital banking channels.

[Contact Name
[Organization Name] 
[Phone Number] 

Press release title: [FI name] Chooses Autobooks to Elevate Small Business Banking 

Press release subhead (one line maximum): Expanded digital experience will feature tools built specifically for micro- and small business customers. 

[City, State]: [FI name] today announced that it has elected to embed the Autobooks solution for small businesses into their existing digital banking platform. This partnership will enable [FI name] small business customers/members to get paid online or in-app, directly inside their online and mobile banking. 

Autobooks is an emerging leader in digital invoicing and payment acceptance and is a leading integrated-payments provider for small business banking. The integration of the Autobooks invoicing and payment acceptance modules into the [FI name] digital banking platform will help small business owners and nonprofits better manage cash flow and keep track of their customers’ payment status. With just a few clicks, this much-needed tool helps users create and send invoices, schedule recurring invoices, and receive card and ACH payments directly into their [FI name] checking account. 

[Quote from FI demonstrating their excitement, why Autobooks, and how Autobooks has benefitted/will benefit their clientele] 

In addition to invoicing and online payment acceptance, Autobooks offers cash flow management, accounting, and financial reporting tools as part of its full product suite. With Autobooks, [FI name] can deliver workflow-related services that serve their clients’ immediate needs while increasing engagement, loyalty and profitability. 

[Quote from Autobooks that touts their functionality, progress since launch, and favorability to partners] 

Autobooks partners with the industry’s leading core processing, digital banking, and merchant processing providers so that [FI name] can quickly deploy to market. This set of integrations, coupled with Autobooks best-in-class go-to-market services, has allowed [FI name] to launch in [time to launch] and start driving immediate small business adoption.  

[Quote from FI that explains how Autobooks has benefitted/will benefit their clientele] 


About [FI name]:  

[3-4 sentence description of your company and its recent accomplishments, if applicable]. 

About Autobooks: 

Autobooks empowers financial institutions of all sizes to better serve and monetize new and existing small business relationships by enabling business owners to send digital invoices, get paid online, manage cash flow, and automate accounting — all directly from their existing online and mobile banking. Because the Autobooks payment acceptance and invoicing tools are directly integrated into digital banking, a financial institution’s existing channels are transformed into a day-to-day destination for businesses — leading to increased deposits, non-interest fee income, and lending opportunities. Over time, Autobooks has been proven to reduce reliance on competing third-party apps, allowing financial institutions to (re)establish primacy in this crucial segment.


This post is intended to announce your partnership with Autobooks to your LinkedIn audience, and can link out to a related press release like the one above. 


As a financial institution dedicated to improving small business banking, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with Autobooks.


Thanks to our collaboration, we are now delivering an even better digital banking experience to our small business and micro-business customers. With the Autobooks tools integrated into our digital banking channels, we are optimistic that new and existing customers will choose [FI name] over third-party payment acceptance platforms for several reasons:


  • Digital invoicing and payment acceptance are integrated right into our existing digital banking channels, so that our customers can access these crucial tools in the same place they take care of their banking. Third-party platforms must be managed outside of the primary banking relationship, often through multiple apps.
  • When our customers get paid or receive a donation, their funds go right into their checking account within two business days, where they can easily access and track their money. With a third-party app, users must deal with virtual wallets and other holding tanks that force users to take additional steps to access their money.
  • When a customer needs help, they can be connected to a small business specialist directly through Autobooks. There’s no need to worry about tedious and time-consuming self-service steps, like those required by third-party platforms. 


We believe that our partnership with Autobooks is the way forward in better supporting our small business customers who have come to rely on our service and expertise, but need help when it comes to workflow related challenges like payment acceptance and cash flow management.


To find out more, be sure to read our press release announcing our partnership.


[Link to press release announcing partnership


About the Autobooks tools


This post highlights your small business checking account — with Autobooks functionality offered as standard features. 


Just about every financial institution out there offers some sort of checking account geared for small business owners. There’s nothing wrong with that — we just wanted to make sure ours offered the kind of value that could help it stand out in a me-too market. 

You see, according to a report from the JPMorgan Chase Institute, 25% of small businesses have less than 13 days of cash reserve. The median small business in the US only has 27 days of cash reserve. This doesn’t bode well for businesses that undergo any sort of disruption that impacts their cash flow. 

That’s why the ability to get paid easily is a paramount concern to small business owners. 

To address this pressing need, [FI name] has partnered with Autobooks to make our business checking account[s] even better. With digital invoicing and payment acceptance now included as standard features — and available inside business online and mobile banking — customers can get paid directly into their accounts. This means that small business owners will now be able to access and manage their funds easily, without having to rely on expensive third-party payment acceptance apps. 

We believe that these invoicing and payment acceptance features are game changers for our business customers who are in search of a solution for getting paid easily — at competitive rates. 

To learn more, take a look at our small business checking account, powered by Autobooks. 

[Link to product page showing new features] 



This post communicates the convenience of both the digital invoicing and payment acceptance tools offered by your financial institution, in conjunction with Autobooks.


Relying on third-party payment acceptance apps? Now you can accept digital payments directly through online and mobile banking — and save money. 

[FI name] now offers digital invoicing and payment acceptance, powered by Autobooks — an easy-to-use solution that includes everything a small business needs to get paid and stay on top of customer payments. And it’s available now, directly inside online and mobile banking. 

Even better news. With Autobooks, businesses can save money. There’s no monthly fees, annual fees, or flat fees associated with transactions — instead you just pay the competitive processing rate every time you get paid. 

Plus, Autobooks is built to be part of your everyday banking experience. That means you can get help anytime you need it — simply contact a [FI name] representative or visit one of our convenient locations. 

With Autobooks, you’ll be able to: 

  • Let customers easily pay you online with a credit card, debit card, or electronic bank transfers (ACH) 
  • Save money — pay 2.89% for every credit card transaction. Bank transfer (ACH) rates are even lower. 
  • Get paid right into your [FI name] checking account — no need to transfer funds from a third-party payment app 
  • Receive a better support experience — talk to a real banker, not a chatbot 

Give Autobooks a try. Log into online or mobile banking, enroll in minutes, and send your first payment request. 

Have a question? Contact an Autobooks small business specialist by phone at (866) 617-3122 or by email at support@autobooks.co. 



This post communicates the convenience of the digital payment acceptance tool offered by your financial institution, in conjunction with Autobooks.


What if collecting electronic payments from your paying customers was as easy as sending them a text message?  

Great news! Now small business owners can collect electronic payments that easily. [FI name] now offers digital payment acceptance, powered by Autobooks. 

With Autobooks, small businesses get a secure link that they can share with customers anywhere to let them pay electronically. Links can be pasted into a Facebook page or website, in an email newsletter or paper bulletin, inside invoices or contracts, in a text message, or anywhere a business communicates with customers. When the business gets paid, the money lands right into their [FI name] checking account. 

With Autobooks, small businesses will be able to: 

  • Easily collect payment or donations, in-app or online 
  • Have the option to share a simple link or QR code to an online payment form 
  • Get paid directly into their secure checking account 
  • Never lose track of your money stored inside a third-party app 
  • Say yes to customer requests to pay online with a card or bank transfer 

What about invoices? No problem — businesses can send invoices just as easily with Autobooks. And they get paid directly into their checking account, too. 

Here's more on how Autobooks can help small businesses get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website] 



This post communicates the convenience of the invoicing tool offered by your financial institution, in conjunction with Autobooks. 


Need to send a professional invoice and get paid right into your checking account? Now you can! 

[FI name] now offers digital invoicing, powered by Autobooks, to give small business owners time back to run their business. Autobooks offers the robust tools businesses need to manage the invoicing process — they can easily track invoices and payments made, upload an unlimited number of customer and product records, and even customize the look and feel of invoices. 

Businesses can enroll in minutes and be able to: 

  • Send invoices or estimates from their [FI name] online or mobile banking 
  • Make it easy for customers to pay — by card or ACH 
  • See who’s viewed invoices, who’s paid, and who still needs to pay 
  • Customize invoices with your branding in just a few clicks 

What about businesses that need to accept digital payments, but don’t invoice? No problem — businesses can accept card and ACH payment online or in-app just as easily with the Autobooks payment form. And they get paid directly into their checking account, too. 

Here's more on how Autobooks can help small businesses get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website] 



These short posts pose a question or make a point related to the importance of digital invoicing and/or payment acceptance for a business’s long-term success. 


Business owners, we know you spend the day juggling everything from managing inventory to taking customer calls. And yet, without the ability for customers to easily pay you, things can come to a screeching halt. Don’t let that happen! 

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your own small business? We know there are a lot of things on your mind, and you have a checklist that needs to get done. But have you considered the importance of making it easy for future customers to pay you?  

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website


If you're a business owner, you know that operating a small business comes with plenty of overhead costs and unexpected expenses. Here’s a common one we hear all the time: payment acceptance processing fees (and the fact that they keep rising). It doesn’t have to be that way!  

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website


Opening a new business? Great! Have you decided on how you’ll be accepting payments from future customers? You could go the route of third-party apps and end up locked into high processing fees. Or just maybe, you could go with an option that offers competitive rates, with payments landing directly into your [FI name] checking account.   

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website] 


Businesses fail for many reasons — a major one is the lack of a steady cash flow. If this has been a challenge for your small business, we would suggest rethinking the way you’re getting paid now — especially if you rely on invoicing. Sounds simple, but if you make it easier for customers to pay, you’re likely to get paid faster.  

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website


Do you find yourself spending too much time on your accounting software, when all you need is an easy way to receive and manage customer payments? It may be time to ditch the overly complex (and expensive) software, and try something that’s ideal for your needs and just as importantly, pays you directly into your [FI name] checking account. 

Here's how Autobooks can help you get paid: [Link to Autobooks page inside your FI website


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