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Third-Party Targeted Email Kit

Build awareness and attract more small business customers 

We know it, and you know it: Autobooks is an ideal solution for most small businesses. But have your customers heard about it? And if so, are they aware that your institution offers it? 

The Small Business Enrollment emails found here are designed to create awareness and drive adoption — all through simple messaging. All four emails announce the availability of Autobooks at your institution, and delve into the differentiators that make Autobooks an ideal solution for their needs. 

Of course, we mention some of the features that are built specifically for small businesses (such as invoicing and payment acceptance), but we keep the copy brief, friendly, and to the point. The call-to-action is straightforward: log into online banking, and give Autobooks a try.

How to Use This Content

To make the best use of this email content, we suggest:

  1. Send the four emails to all your customers (retail and business), to ensure that businesses operating out of consumer accounts also hear about Autobooks.

  2. Try to send Email #1 out first, as it serves as more of an introduction.

  3. After copying and pasting to your email service provider or marketing automation system, ensure that the areas called out to fill in your financial institution specific information have been updated.

  4. Leverage the Autobooks product images available here: autobooks.co/marketing to add any Autobooks product visuals you would like.

  5. Feel free to add your own product images, logos, and interactive widgets to further personalize and tailor to your brand.

Email 1

This email serves as a brief introduction to Autobooks. It’s possible that a recipient may not recognize our name, that’s why we quickly make the connection with the embedded payment acceptance features, as found on your online banking dashboard. 

Email 2

This email briefly introduces Autobooks, and then delves into the Accept a Payment feature, as found on your online banking dashboard. We also provide some possible use cases for this feature, such as by sharing via text, web page, invoice, newsletter, etc. 

Email 3

This email briefly introduces Autobooks, and then delves into the Send an Invoice feature, as found on your online banking dashboard. We also provide the steps involved in sending an invoice, and some of the advantages in doing so through your institution.  

Email 4

This email serves as an introduction to the fee structure for Autobooks, and how it can help a small business owner save money. In addition, we also briefly touch on customer service as a differentiator.