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Go-To-Market Resource

Internal Launch Email

Use this internal announcement email to promote awareness of Autobooks at your financial institution.

Email Example


Subject line: 

Let’s start the conversation about Autobooks — together

Preview text:

The Autobooks team has crafted a set of conversion emails that are ideal for customer outreach. But we need your support to make it happen.

Message header:

Let’s team-up to tell your customers about Autobooks!
Can we count on your participation?

Message body:

When it comes to payment acceptance and cash flow management, we know that small business owners are in search of a simple-to-use and affordable solution like Autobooks. But they also need the the ongoing support and expertise of your financial institution to make it all possible

That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

Starting on [DATE], we’ll be emailing your small business customers about Autobooks. These communications are crafted to convey a simple message: that Autobooks is built to help — and that it is now available at [FI NAME HERE]. Of course, we’ll delve into some of the features and benefits of our product, but we promise to keep it brief.

How can you help?

Your role as trusted advisor and customer advocate is crucial. While our emails are meant to deliver a self-serve enrollment experience, with support from Autobooks specialists, we would appreciate your support in reinforcing our messaging through your own channels — especially if and when customers enquire about Autobooks in your branches or by phone.

Don’t worry, your frontline personnel don’t have to be experts to add value. But it would absolutely help if they have some familiarity with our product!

Here are a few places to go for more information:

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. Deepening our relationships by providing services like this leads to our own mutual growth. Thank you for your commitment to the continued growth of small businesses in your communities.