Q2 and Autobooks have partnered to Upgrade Small Business Banking via the Q2 Marketplace

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Small businesses need cash flow support and your financial institution is in position to help.  

Many small businesses are having to evolve from accepting payments in person to online.  Unfortunately most financial institutions do not have a good solution to offer.  This forces many business owners to adopt payment solutions offered by non-bank providers.  

"An alarmingly high percentage of small businesses say they are likely to look for a new banking relationship in the next 12 months"

Ron Shevlin - Cornerstone Advisors 


Addressing the digital banking and payment needs of small business owners is critical to maintaining their deposit, and relationship.   The good news is that Autobooks and Q2 have partnered to make it simple and cost effective for financial institutions to get a small business solution to market.  Launching Autobooks via the Q2 Marketplace drastically reduces your cost for deployment, time-to-market and operational resource requirements.   

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How Marketplace integration works and the benefits to your financial institution
  • More about the small businesses market opportunity
  • The growing threat of non-bank providers
  • How the Autobooks solution helps your financial institution become an Ecommerce platform for the small business


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