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Free Marketing Resources

Digital Ad Inventory

Deliver the most important message at the right time.  Digital ads formatted for your website, social media, email, in-branch TV display, and more.  

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Sample Conversion Emails

Beyond our standard launch emails, we also provide a series of four launch emails that further drive product awareness and adoption.  These emails have been written by a team of professional conversion copywriters.

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Landing Page Samples

This is a plug-and-play solution for launching an Autobooks product page on a partners' public-facing website. This page describes the Autobooks product, its benefits, and allows a visitor to send themselves a test invoice.

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SMB-Facing Product Video

Use our SMB product video to promote the benefits of invoicing and online payment acceptance in a simple message written in the voice of the business owner.  

Download now - Invoice focused

Download now - Invoice focused (cartoon)

Download now - Payment Form focused (cartoon)


Download your Branch Blitz Package

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Features Tour Plugins 

Learn more about the invoicing and payment acceptance plugins, available to users directly from the Banno Online and Banno Mobile banking dashboard.

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Autobooks Standard Features Tour 

The full Autobooks experience offers more than invoicing and payment acceptance — learn more about additional features like cash flow management and reporting.

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Interested in custom branding options for your Launch?  

FI branding package 

Package includes:

  • Converting the static digital ads available above to include the FI's brand color, fonts, and logo.
  • Animated ads with the FI's colors, fonts, and logo. Perfect for social media!
  • FI-branded direct mailer layout.  
  • FI-branded version of the video provided above.  

Total Cost = $2,500 one-time fee

Send an email to marketing@autobooks.co 

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