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NEW Webinar | May 3, 2022

FIS Embedded Finance 101: Pitching & Implementing to Your Organization

Learn how to deploy a digital-first solution, empower customers, and win over small business relationships using SMB Embedded Finance Powered by Autobooks.

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Webinar | March 24, 2022

How to Fill the 'Small Business Gap:' Exploring the Changing Needs of Small Business with First Bank (MO)

As part of an FIS pilot program, First Bank (MO) launched SMB Embedded Finance with high expectations. In this webinar, they share their findings.

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Webinar | February 18, 2022

Addressing an Underserved Market: A Conversation with Grasshopper Bank

“It was a solution that we were looking for, but couldn't find.”

When it comes to competing with regional banks and third-party fintechs, Grasshopper Bank’s Chief Digital Officer, Chris Tremont, admits that it’s not possible to outspend them. However, he believes that small business is not a winner-take-all market, and there still exists a sizable opportunity. Financial institutions can compete — and win — small businesses, he tells us, but they must be smart in how they approach this crucial customer base.

To find out how Grasshopper Bank plans to thrive in the SMB space, be sure to listen to this short, insight-filled conversation.

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