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Move beyond standard business banking

Transform your financial institution into an Ecommerce platform for small businesses.  


It all starts with enrollment

First we gather the information required to underwrite and approve the business to accept online payments.  Most businesses are approved same day, many within minutes.  The second step is to guide the small business through sending their first invoice or sharing their unique payment form link.   

Moving enrollment online and guiding the business through the process improves signups and activation.  

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Manage cash flow

Maintaining healthy cash flow is critical to the success of a small business.  Our dashboard keeps them up to date on incoming, coming due and past due customer payments.  When Autobooks is installed, small businesses become more engaged with their financial institution.  

Half of the Autobooks small businesses log into the application every day. 

Send digital invoices

Autobooks makes it simple for a small business owner to send professional invoices directly to their customers' inboxes.  Business owners can personalize invoices to suit their needs.  Uploading a logo and changing header colors provide a professional touch. 

To help with collections, invoices can be set to recur.  Automated reminders and late fees ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

Each invoice delivered is branded with the financial institution’s logo.
Create invoice

Link to an online payment form

For small businesses that do not send digital invoices, Autobooks offers an online payment form.  Each business receives their own unique link when they enroll.  The payment form link can be shared through SMS, linked online, included in a social media post and more.  The end customer simply clicks on the link, inputs the payment information and submits. 

The Autobooks online payment form is the simplest way for small businesses and non-profits to get paid online.  


Payment form

Accept and manage online payments

For many small businesses, the customer dictates the way a payment is made.  Accepting multiple forms of payments creates chaos when it comes to reconciliation.  Unfortunately, that chaos causes many payments to slip through the cracks and leaves money on the table for the business owner. 

Autobooks simplifies the process of accepting and managing online payments for a small business. 
Payment List

Pay bills

With Autobooks, paying a bill is more than scheduling a vendor payment.  We've integrated accounting categorization and vendor invoice reconciliation within the flow of standard bill pay. 

Paying bills in Autobooks saves the business owner time and automates tedious reconciliation.  
Pay bill

Automated bookkeeping

Backing the Autobooks platform is our own integrated accounting ledger.  Business owners no longer have to manage third-party applications that are difficult to use and rely upon fragile data connections with the financial institution. 

Our accounting was built for the small business owner, not their accountant. 
Accounting Rules

Financial reports

Small businesses don’t have the time, or often the expertise, to keep up to date financial records.  With Autobooks, it’s simple.  When a business gets paid, their profit and loss statement is updated.  When the business sends a customer invoice, their balance sheet reflects the latest update. 

Automating financial report creation and access for small businesses creates more value for them, and their financial institution partner.  
Profit and Loss

Rapid Onboarding


Moving enrollment online enables small business to be approved to start accepting online payments in minutes.  

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