The $370 Billion Small Business Opportunity

Ron Shevlin from Cornerstone Advisors, along with Derik Sutton from Autobooks, discuss the results of Ron's latest report: The $370 Billion Small Business Opportunity for Banks


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About the Webinar

Today, SMEs spend roughly $225 billion on accounting/bookkeeping, invoicing, bill payment and payment acceptance services from third-party providers. Many of these SMEs would consider obtaining accounting and payments services from a bank—as would many that don’t currently use third-party services and, instead, incur internal expenses for their accounting and payments functions.


Watch the webinar to:

  • Hear Ron break down the primary takeaways from his most recent report
  • Learn more about the accounting and payment pain points faced by small businesses 
  • See a breakdown of the revenue opportunity for bank-provided small business services
  • Learn how non-bank providers are targeting small businesses to actively displace deposits, payment processing volume and lending opportunities from financial institutions
  • Gain market insights gathered from small businesses that have adopted bank provided payment and accounting tools.  


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