Help your small businesses get paid.  Stay ahead of the competition

Take advantage of the free Banno upgrade and enable your businesses and non-profits to accept card and ACH payments online and in-app.  

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✔️ Invoicing Dashboard Plugin

✔️ Accept a Payment Dashboard Plugin

✔️ Autobooks Product Tour

✔️ In app upgrade option for accounting and reporting

✔️ Group training and testing events

✔️ Self-service GTM tools

✔️ No Contracting Required

Launching for all Banno Clients August 16th

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✔️ Complete Autobooks product suite in primary menu

✔️ Invoicing & Accept Payment Plugins included

✔️ Dedicated installation team and support

✔️ Assigned account manager

✔️ Autobooks powered marketing services

✔️ Access to incentive and bonus programs

✔️ Requires a contract

Available for all Banno Clients NOW

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Free Plugins vs Standard Autobooks 


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Enable small business features in minutes that will help you better compete against the BigTech and MegaBank competition. 

Create Invoice Cropped

Invoicing Plugin Give your SMB clients the ability to easily send professional invoices

Now your small business clients can send their customers a professional online invoice or estimate right from Banno online or Banno mobile banking. Invoices are paid online via card or ACH.

For added flexibility, SMBs can easily set up recurring invoices, payment/past due reminders, and additional sales tax rates.  

Slice 4

Accept a Payment Plugin Offer SMBs and nonprofits a way to accept online or in-app payments

Businesses and nonprofits are provided with a unique link to their own secure payment form — which can then be shared with paying customers. Links can be sent via text or email, or even pasted into a web page.

The payment form can also be accessed directly in app — making it fast and convenient to accept a payment on the spot.

Upgrade to Autobooks-1

Standard Autobooks Product Suite A complete small business solution, inside your online and mobile banking

Autobooks is so much more than just payments and invoicing. The full suite includes financial reporting, payables, and accounting functionality. 

When deployed through Standard Autobooks, the complete Autobooks Product Suite is available directly to all SMB clients in the Banno Online and Mobile menu navigation. 

Slice 6

Accounting and Reporting Upgrade for SMBs For Banno Plugin SMBs that need a more complete business solution

For those SMBs that want to get paid and need an alternative to managing their books via pen and paper, spreadsheets, or complicated third-party applications — the Banno Plugins offer an upgrade path.   

SMBs can upgrade their Invoice or Accept a Payment Plugins to include Accounting and Reporting for a monthly fee. 

Grow non-interest income with the free

Banno Plugins from Autobooks.

Every time a business owner accepts payment, your financial institution gets paid.

Card-based Payments

When an SMB accepts a card not present payment through either plugin – they will incur a 2.89% transaction fee.  The fee is competitive when compared to online card-not-present solutions offered in market.   

Autobooks shares a percentage of the net profit with the financial institution.  


Card processing rate


ACH-based Payments

When an SMB accepts an ACH-based payment through either plugin – they will incur a 1% transaction fee.  The ACH fee is competitive when compared to direct-to-consumer solutions offered in market.   

Autobooks shares a percentage of the net profit with the financial institution.  


ACH processing rate


Accounting and Reporting

For those SMB that decide to take advantage of the cash flow, accounting, and reporting capabilities of Autobooks, they agree to pay $10/month.  The monthly fee is competitive when compared against other online cash flow and accounting tools in market.   

Autobooks shares a percentage of the monthly fee with the financial institution.


Monthly fee


Financial Institutions that have partnered with Autobooks


"Community Bank's integration with Autobooks demonstrates the strategic agility necessary to differentiate in the face of disruption...And this is precisely why we built Banno from the ground up as an open, API-first platform that gives financial institutions the ability to partner and integrate at will with fintechs of choice. Serving small businesses is relationship-intensive, and this is also why we pioneered a way for banks to extend their live, local, personal service digitally at the moment of need. Together, Banno and Autobooks create a compelling answer to disruptors automating the humanity out of critical small business services."

Ben Metz
Jack Henry


"We're seeing a whole host of market changes — the rise of challenger banks, the accelerated shift from in-person transactions to online, growing expectation of sophisticated and user-friendly software — that drive demand for solutions like Autobooks. Our small and micro-business customers have a wide variety of needs that aren't cookie cutter to what other expensive solutions provide. Autobooks is ideal because of its low-cost entry point, go-to-market support services and small-business focused features that suit our customer's needs."

Aaron Friot
Community Bank, N.A.

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