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Autobooks partnered with Banno by Jack Henry Digital to make integrated invoicing and online payment acceptance free features of the Banno Digital Banking Platform.  

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How to Launch the Banno Plugins by Autobooks

4 Steps to a Seamless Launch — with Guides

Step 1 – Build a Project Plan 

Before you get started, we know you need to gather all of the information and resources in order to facilitate buy-in from key leaders at your FI - including executives, compliance, and branch managers.

Good news! We've built the framework for you based on what other financial institutions have used to get approval and launch. It’s all right here.

The presentation below gives you the overview of the plugins, as well as a template to define your project plan or creative brief. Just download the slides and insert them into your presentation to set the stage for a successful launch.

Download Template: Project Overview & Plan

Step 2 Train Your Team

To ensure your financial institution is prepared to help service and support the growing needs of SMBs and non-profits, we offer pre-built training resources: webinars, reference materials, go-to-market collateral, and more.

Where to start? This plan outlines how to assign our resources to your organizational needs.

Download Plan: Team Training Guide

Step 3 Enable & Test the Plugins

Now you're ready to test. The implementation is automated for your financial institution, which minimizes the amount of work it takes to enable the plugins.

To move forward, review the following guide outlines and follow the steps to enable the Banno Plugins. Keep in mind: completing this step enables test accounts. Once you finish testing, you are ready to enable all accounts.

*Recommendation: Increase engagement by adding the dashboard card to the upper right or left-hand corner of the global dashboard configuration.

Download Guide: Test & Prepare for Launch

Step 4 – Go Live

It's time to launch, and marketing to your small business customers is key to driving feature awareness, engagement, and activation. To help you do this, we created proven marketing collateral for your use marketing emails, ads, videos, and more.

This guide highlights best practices and outlines how your financial institution can use the library of free assets to simplify GTM planning and execution.

Download Guide: Go-to-Market Launch

Actionable Advice from a Banno FI

Learn how the Bank of Southside Virginia went live with the plugins in just two weeks.

On-Demand Webinar



It looks like we are good to go! I do see the Autobooks tile out in my online banking now. Thanks again for all your help! We are really excited to offer our customers this great product. 

Emily Soppe
Fidelity Bank & Trust


Will do! You and your team are incredibly supportive and responsive. It is very impressive! 

Caroline Meagher
Institution for Savings


I want to say thank you for all of your emails and follow up. It is great to have all of these resources available to us. I am hoping this will be a HUGE success for everyone! Make it a great day! We appreciate your business!

Mary Breitenstein
Citizens State Bank


It was very nice speaking with you today. I've been very impressed with the support we are receiving from Autobooks! 

Leslie Fitzpatrick
Liberty National Bank


Thank you, Kyle and everyone involved! I know you guys are working hard and I really appreciate your promptness and communication!

Bethany Stansell
Rockpoint Bank

Looking for additional resources?

Support and Training

Autobooks always keeps your frontline staff in mind. So much so that we’ve created an entire resource center dedicated to your team’s success. Learn more about the training resources we provide, including scheduling live training for your team.

Visit Our Support & Training Page

Reporting & Revenue Share Form

Submit this form to give us the details we need to configure your settings like when you’ll go live and where to route revenue share funds.

Submit the Reporting & Revenue Share Form

Go-to-Market Services

If you're ready to take the next step with your go-to-market plan, we can help. Download free digital ads, SMB-facing marketing videos, or request a marketing package branded specifically for your financial institution.  

Access All GTM Services

Marketing Emails

Emails are a great first step to bring awareness to your small businesses. Simply click the links below to copy and paste our announcement email content. We recommend sending at least two of these to drive adoption.

Email 1Email 2Email 3Email 4

Landing Page

Market the new features on your FI's website with this plug-and-play solution for launching a product page. This landing page describes the features of the new Banno Plugins, outlines the benefits, and allows a visitor to send themselves a test invoice. Download the guide to using it.

Download the Guide: Landing Page Implementation

Solution Overview

Autobooks has partnered with Jack Henry Digital to make integrated invoicing and digital payment acceptance free features of Banno Online and Banno Mobile. See a demo of the Plugins, review the feature capabilities, and see the revenue share model.

Learn More about the Banno Plugins

What's the small business revenue opportunity for your FI?

Download this resource to calculate your estimated ROI.

ROI Guide

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Project FAQs

Review Process: Small Business Merchant Enrollment

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