Guide to ROI


Is your FI ready to increase
non-interest fee income
and deposits?

Autobooks comes with pre-built integrations to industry leading core, digital banking and merchant processing solutions, making it simple for your FI to transform existing digital banking channels to better serve and monetize small business relationships. 

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About the Guide

Our Autobooks Guide to ROI will delve in detail into the small business revenue opportunity for your financial institution.

Overview of Autobooks Guide to ROI:

Part 1: An Introduction to the SMB Market

  • SMB Growth Drives New Opportunity
  • Addressing a Fundamental Need
  • How to Regain Primacy and Drive ROI

Part 2: How to calculate Year 1 ROI with Autobooks:

  • Calculating the Autobooks Transactional Revenue Opportunity
  • Calculating Monthly Transaction Processing Revenue Per Active SMB
  • Calculating the Active Number of SMBs at an FI at the End of Year 1
  • Monthly Revenue Samples for Retail and Business Account Types
  • Adding Monthly Subscription Revenue
  • Calculating End of Year 1 Monthly revenue