Autobooks Guide to Disruption in Small Business Banking

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Financial Institutions continue to pursue higher profit margins by focusing on commercial clients. In the process, they have neglected the small business market — opening the door to new disruptors.

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About the Guide

In this guide, we will delve into the factors that have led to this crowded competitive environment through the lens of disruptive innovation theory. To better familiarize ourselves with this important concept, we will review the process step by step, with a focus on the small business banking space. 

Overview of Autobooks Guide to Disruption:
Part 1: An Introduction to Disruptive Innovation Theory 
  • SMB Growth Drives New Opportunity
  • Addressing a Fundamental Need
  • How to Regain Primacy and Drive ROI
Part 2: The Steps in the Process of Disruption
  • Calculating the Autobooks Transactional Revenue Opportunity
  • Calculating Monthly Transaction Processing Revenue Per Active SMB
  • Calculating the Active Number of SMBs at an FI at the End of Year 1
  • Monthly Revenue Samples for Retail and Business Account Types
  • Adding Monthly Subscription Revenue
  • Calculating End of Year 1 Monthly revenue
Part 3: The Way Forward
  • FIs Can Become a Viable Option Once Again 
  • Customer Acquisition Must be Based on the Right Strategy