Become a Small Business Champion in 2022.

We want to empower your financial institution with a winning game plan. Get the essential information to inform planning and decision-making, and the crucial tools to start your transformation. 

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Small Business Insights 2022:

Gain a Critical Perspective. Develop a Winning Strategy. Deploy with the Right Tactics. 

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Navigating Digital-First Disruptors

Why is small business banking undergoing disruption? And just as importantly, what can your FI do to fend off fintech competition and continue to attract small businesses?

In the last ten years, we've seen an onslaught of new competitors in the small business banking space. And it has only continued to grow. Financial institutions must now contend with first movers — big tech players and platforms providers — along with a wide range of business-focused neobanks. 

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Investing in the Right Tools

Is your FI ready to bring a reliable and proven small business solution to market? 

Autobooks enables business owners to accept online and on-app payments plus the option to upgrade to accounting the reporting tools for an additional monthly fee. By offering electronic payment acceptance as a foot in the door, an FI can lock in primacy with small- and micro businesses. 

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(Re)Positioning Your SMB Checking

When it comes to checking, how have the needs of small business owners changed?

The reality is that business owners aren't looking for just any account. They're looking for a solution that will help them make progress with their small business. Expectations around products and services have changed, but the ubiquitous bulleted lists found on most FI product pages have stayed the same. 

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Winning More Small Businesses

What can your FI do to engage more SMB prospects and drive product adoption?

To help your FI drive product awareness, Autobooks offers a library of free Go-to-Market assets. The messaging is built from our value-enabling insights gained from many hours of extensive research. When fully embraced by our FI partners, our messaging and content approach have proven to increase product adoption and ongoing utilization. 

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